Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) at Arjun Marg, Shopping Complex

A month long campaign to bring about the awareness regarding the use of reusable cloth bags vs. the plastic or the woven bags began in Arjun Marg Shopping complex From 1st February to 7th March 2016. Volunteers approached the visitors and  shopkeepers to discuss the advantages of using a cloth bag over a plastic/woven bag. Reusable cloth bags were distributed. Visitors were receptive to the fact that our environment needs to be protected from the plastic waste and willingly signed the pledge. A big number cooperated and returned the woven /plastic bags and many other agreed to be cautious about the cause and promised to carry their own bag in future. The students of Summerfields School, spent a morning at the Market, engaged with the shoppers and shop keepers to continue the dialog and awareness building on giving up single-use plastic. One of the highlights was a Nukkad Natak presented by the group, on the plastic menace gripping our society.

The event lasted for a full month leaving a big impact on the visitors and shopkeepers alike. Sud Chemie, supported by Iamgurgaon, SMCA and DLF City RWA, sponsored the event. Commissioner Satya Prakash inaugurated it on 1st February.  Mr Sudhir Kapoor of Dlf RWA and Mr Khanna of SMCA were most cooperative for the whole duration.