BYOB Reached Hamilton Court

iamgurgaon’s ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ (BYOB) campaign had covered the Hamilton Court residential complex in DLF Phase IV on May 28, 2016. The event was scheduled to coincide with the residents’ Tambola evening.

Hamilton Court is a community of socially-sensitised people who have invested their combined resources in many environment-friendly systems.

Chats with many senior citizens educated our volunteers on their compost-making system, among others, that recycles kitchen waste from every apartment in the complex. The residents methodically segregate their house waste on a regular basis which is then mixed with dried mulch out of a machine and allowed to mature as compost in another one. When ready, this compost is used by the residents for their plants and the complex greenery.

The seniors expressed concerns about the challenges of changing habits among vendors and slum dwellers over plastic bags. The aspect of polypropylene bags being largely plastic, however, came to everyone as a surprise. Since the bags have arrived in the market ativan vs generic lorazepam after some awareness about the hazards of using plastic bags, most users accept them as biodegradable. Our volunteers explained to each resident that polypropylene bags must be shunned as much as plastic bags. As always, our volunteer tables were popular among the children of the complex. They understood the difference between cloth versus plastic versus polypropylene bags, and signed the displayed scroll as a pledge against plastic bags.

Our volunteers had introduced a new feature at this BYOB event: a lucky draw that won the lucky resident a cloth bag. Many notes in the bowl of chits carried messages against the use of plastic bags that the residents read out on opening. Winners of bags were always gleeful with their win and accepted them gratefully. By meeting residential communities, our hope is that individuals will act as brand ambassadors for this very important cause of choosing cloth bags over plastic ones.

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