BYOB Reached World Spa

The sun shines brightly and the sky looks calm and peaceful after a night of rain. The mood is perfect for a game of squash or a hard workout followed by a soothing drink in the nearby club cafeteria. It can’t be anything closer to a typical summer morning in World Spa; except there’s a big table in front of the cafeteria with a big banner saying “I pledge to reduce”.

I’m proud to say that Ananya Chaddha and I led an exciting environmental campaign that morning in my condominium to raise awareness on the prevalent use of bags which, although look like and feel like cloth bags, are in reality made of plastic.

Ananya and I were pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Residents were friendly and enthusiastic to learn about the campaign. Many even gave a strong positive feedback. Most were unaware of the problem and were delighted at being enlightened and eager to pledge to the cause of “Bring your own Bag,” while some were environment enthusiasts themselves and already used authentic cloth bags.

By the end of the day, the banner was filled with signatures of residents. From a couple who had just come back from a jog to kids eating waffles for breakfast in the club, the event covered a wide variety of people and was extremely fun to host (especially for Ananya who was ecstatic at the opportunity to participate and was clicking pictures with a bright smile). I am certain that the event had an impact on the mindset of the people in World Spa, and I sincerely hope that such events continue to occur in all complexes to make everyone aware that OUR environment is OURS to protect.

Sanchit Vohra and Ananya Chaddha
Student volunteers who made a BYOB presentation to residents of World Spa in Gurgaon on July 17, 2016