CRISIL Initiated Planting at Aravali Bio Diversity Park

iamgurgaon began the season’s first planting at the Aravali Bio Diversity Park with the help of CRISIL volunteers on July 21, 2016. A team of 25 executives from CRISIL reached the Park at 4:30 pm and planted 300 saplings over about 2 hours.

The CRISIL team comprised of many young and some senior staff who were enthusiastic about getting to the Park as also being transported to the planting site in a tractor trailer. I learned that they had been regularly volunteering with planting or compost-making as part of their contribution towards a greener Aravali Bio Diversity Park and the city of Gurgaon.

Helpful malis assisted the team after the initial demonstration by a Park supervisor on the ideal method of planting a sapling. We were shown that each sapling pit was at adequate distance from the rest to allow for the plant’s growth, and there was already some manure added to the pit. Once the plant was eased into the pit, its stem was partially covered with soil, and medium sized rocks were placed on the surface to extend moisture from watering.

There were 8 plant species among 300 saplings, all native to the Aravali hills. These were: Mimosa hamata, Karonda, Doodhi, Dhak, Chamrod, Gundi, Mendal and Goya-khair. Through the weeks ahead, more saplings will be planted so they can get the benefit of monsoon showers and take root. I’m just so grateful to see this urban forest getting help from public so it can continue to thrive and act as the city’s lungs.

By Jyoti Bhargava who volunteered with planting at Aravali Bio Diversity Park on July 21, 2016.

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