Earth Day 2017 by Muskaan Paintal



EARTH DAY EVENT by Muskaan Paintal

To overcome the terrible climate change, people came together at the Wazirabad Bundh, for Earth Day 2017. On 22nd April, braving the dust storm they gathered to do environmental justice to the Bundh which had become a dumpyard. The event was aimed at stopping the usage of plastic or polypropylene bags by advocating the ‘bring your own bag’ concept. There were banners held up by students working for greening our lifestyles and young artists showcased their concern by creative presentations. This included- street plays, recitation of poems, musical dramas and dance. Parents standing amongst the crowd narrated how their children are drilling-in-ideas in them to initiate projects for a clean and green environment. Students from DPSG Sushant Lok prepared a Jugaadbandi band while those from Shri Ram prepared a musical drama with instruments made from old buckets and drums. The action plan of this event was to create a ‘Green Lung’ for Gurgaon and provide natural, green leisure facilities. So let’s all come together and rejuvenate our mother Earth to make it a better place.
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  • Excellent narration by a prodigy which deserves ovation and appreciation.

    vivek singh
  • Very well written in a very simple and crisp way with a strong and important message

  • Very nice initiative, and covered so well in this report. Keep up the good work! And look forward to a more detailed coverage next time

  • Great initiative & great coverage , kudos!

  • Well done ! Keep it up my child. Stay blessed. Excellent initiative.

    Mohd Faisal Hussain
  • Excellent portrayal of the event with well chosen words that effectively brought out the happenings of the event as it unfolded. Kudos to your efforts!

    Rohini Singh
  • Very nice initiative, It will work for sure

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