ENVIRONMENT DAY 2017: write up and pictures by Aditi Bahl

Environment Day 2017 025

Overwhelmed by the response that we got on Earth Day, we decided to create a larger impact on Environment Day. We put up a scroll in Cyber Hub on the 5th of June. We had people come up and sign it while we were explaining to them the motive behind the BYOB( Bring Your Own Bag) campaign and by showing them the various types of bags made by using the scroll and ofcourse our favourite, GAPU!

This effort of ours got a lift because of the nukkad natak done by Pure Hearts on the same issues that we were emphasizing on. It was great to see a bunch of girls come up to us and inquire about how the organisation functions and if they could volunteer. This showed that our youth is very passionate about issues pertaining to our Mother Earth.

We are glad we could do something this Environment Day and make people more aware about the work we do.

Environment Day 2017 029

Pure Hearts perform a Nukkad Natak at Cyber Hub


Environment Day 2017 020

Kids from Bagiya, an NGO School, with our very own GAPU (Gurgaon Anti Plastic and U)