Planting Drives at Chakkarpur-Wazirabad Bundh in 2018

During 2018, as part of the annual planting season from July to August, iamgurgaon planted 13500 saplings at the Chakkarpur-Wazirabad Bundh. These drives were sponsored by Seniss, Avis, Colt, DOSCO, KPMG, Crisil, Sarita Handa, Airbnb, Boston Scientific, GENPACT, IKEA, Indigo, Mercer, Mt Tree and Leo Burnett  joined the cause with great fervor and passion. The DLF Senior Citizens Council, Nirvana residents, Summit Eco Group, SOCH and schools including DAV, Pathways, Shiv Nadar, and TSRS showed great commitment and were an integral part of the drive.

In continuing our efforts to create awareness about making our City green and help reduce the mounting Air pollution, iamgurgaon had a special two-day free planting event for Independence Day at the CWB near Hamilton Park. Many citizens came to plant at the event. Mr. R S Rathee, Councillor Ward 34 and Mr. Anil Yadav also graced the occasion by planting a tree.