Guest Post by 12 year old Jai Nakra

I am Jai Nakra, a 12 year old boy. In this blog, I will share my experiences of visits to the Aravali bio-diversity park in Gurgaon.

It all started 4 years back when I visited this park for the first time with my family and friends to volunteer in a tree plantation drive. The process is quite interesting.


Guiding Deepa aunty and little Zayna how to plant


  • Take a polybag that contains the sapling and dig a hole using a Khurpi*.
  • Then put the polybag in the centre of the hole.
  • Take the polybag off the sapling and refill the hole with soil. Put stones around the plant to keep it from breaking when a storm happens.
  • Finally, water the plant.

My friend Arshia planting a sapling

I became a frequent visitor to the park by my 5th grade. As part of our school curriculum, we learnt a lot about the organisation instrumental for converting an abandoned mining site into a beautiful natural park. ‘I am Gurgaon’ aims to plant 1 million native trees** that are compatible with Gurgaon’s soil and environment.

In my 6th grade, I began testing my limits. I climbed the wickedly high rocks of the park with my friends and began exploring ways through the grassy paths and hillocks.

Young budding mountaineers!

This year on the ‘World Environment Day’, a nature walk was organised by ‘I am Gurgaon’. To my mother’s utter surprise, my sister and I woke up at 4 a.m. without giving her any trouble. Accompanied by two birders and a naturalist, we saw many interesting birds and plants and learnt a lot. As we walked along, my sister and I adventured through the park. We watched wonders like a Bush Lark’s descent. Unlike other birds who land like a plane, this particular species makes a descent as if it is a helicopter. It was a fascinating sight.


June 6th Walk

I hope all Gurgaon citizens will motivate their family and friends to plant more trees. So far only about 60,000 trees have been planted and therefore we need many more hands to finish this expedition of expanding the lungs of Gurgaon.

A kaleidoscope of Tiger butterflies

Note – You can find information on the nature walks and tree plantation dates on the ‘I am Gurgaon’ website / facebook.



*Khurpi- tool used for digging and removing grass

**Native trees- trees compatible in a particular area’s environment and soil.

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  • Hi Jai

    Your blog post is very interesting. I got to learn about efforts that I am Gurgaon is making in making their surroundings green. I hope you and your little sister have many more adventures in the park that you both are helping plant trees as well as when you travel to the many amazing places in our country. Keep writing about your experiences and the new spieces of birds you spot. It’s always exciting to read about bird spottings.

    Meena Pillai
  • Hi Jai
    This is Manish tayaji from America . We’ve never met as I have been away for long . But get to hear about you from your Mom and Dad . I remember when your dad posted those pics of your tree Plantation drive . I was very proud then that sound values we’re being instilled in you . Today, I stand prouder to know that you are living up to those values . It gives me great joy to see your command over your language and the personable style of your writing.
    Keep up the good work dear and may God bless !!

    Manish chawla
  • Way to Go Jai…There is a lot that the adults in Gurgaon can learn from you about environment conservation. All the Best and keep writing 🙂

    Manish Sethi
  • dear Jai

    Kudos to you I just read your blog. Very well written and a worthy cause. Keep it up and keep inspiring others

    warm regards

    zeenat niazi
  • Hello Jai, It was a joy reading your blog. My joy is encompassed with satisfaction that young kids like you have taken the baton in your hand to green the Aravalli hills ; I am sure efforts like these will reach many more children of your age and your generation will try to reverse the damage that the older generations have already done to our planet.
    Your experiences of nature walk created excitement too; particularly Bushlark decent which you compared with a helicopter:) . keep it up! and enjoy the nature while you work towards conserving it.

    Pooja Murada
  • Dear Jai

    It was wonderful to read your blog. I am so happy to know that you are engaged in tree plantation and environment conservation at such an early age. I wish you the best for your future.


    Ritu Bhardwaj
  • Jai that was a very well written articie. A good initiative taken.Keep it up.

  • Good Work Jai..Keep It Up….

    Gopika Taneja
  • My dearest Jai,

    As we explore life and grow, it is very important to remember where we came from. No matter how many advances mankind will make with technology, the marvels and beauty of nature will never cease to amaze us. I hope you continue to be a nature lover as you grow up and inspire your friends and others that you meet along your journey to protect and save the environment…..

    Neelam Ahluwalia
  • Dear Jai,

    Well written article and for a good cause. Well done and Keep it up

  • Very nice initiative. Hope to walk under the trees that you have planted one day…
    Keep writing… and planting.

  • Dear Jai,
    I am glad to read your article. I remember the day when we went to the Bio-diversity park together to plant trees as “Million Trees Initiative” in Grade 5’s expedition “Meet the Tree”. After reading your article today, I feel privileged to be associated with you in the course of life. You being a student is an inspiration to me as an educator and lot of adults around who have got busy in work and life. Young adults like you will bring in the revolution to change the outlook of the world. I wish you all the luck. Keep writing and keep blooming..
    Lots of Love…
    Arveen 🙂

    Arveen Sankalp
  • Very heartening to see both of you take so much pleasure in what is truly natural!
    Spread this fondness and love for nature beta, mankind needs many like you!
    Wishing you loads of enjoyment in the ‘simple things in life.’

    Take care
    Shalini aunty

    Shalini Singh
  • Wonderful work,Jai.

    Your BFF in 7E,

    Sarthak Gupta
    • Thank you every one for such nice comments/compliments.

      Jai Nakra
  • proud of u..zaynah and I loved the experience of contributing to our nature…we will continue to be part of it..

    God bless

  • Dear Jai,

    I am very happy to read your well documented initiative to plant trees at such young age n conserve the environment – God bless – keep up the good work to share your experiences n motivating others to love nature and increase awareness… Singapore had tree plantation drives initiated by Mr. Lee Kuan yew and is green all over – we pray n hope that I Am Gurgaon initiative to plant a Million tree keeps up the momentum and as you n Mitwa grow up, you can really be proud of being a part of the same!!!!

    God bless you – you write so well like your Nana ji!!!!

    Keep it up!!

    Arun Ahluwalia
  • Jai. I’ve taught you well.

    Arin: The Other God

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