Guest post by Thirumalsrikalkinayagan on planting with schools – 29th July

On a fine Wednesday, a few minutes after dawn, our SOIL (School Of Inspired Leadership) college team reached the Aravalli Bio Diversity Park with the eagerness to volunteer for a planting drive. It was conducted by the NGO “I am Gurgaon” for a social cause along with children from various schools and NGOs.

The event started off with a brief presentation by the “I am Gurgaon” team members about the Aravalli Park and its significance. It was followed by a demo session by the members on how to plant saplings and the initial setup required for their sustainable growth.

As soon as the school children gained the knowledge necessary for planting, they went into action, working in teams of four members each. The energy levels and interest in planting saplings shown by school children were mind blowing; I got an opportunity to capture all those moments in camera and it was really exciting. I enjoyed it to the core.

The weather on the day favoured our plantation drive; I would say it was so kind because of those lovely kids being there for a good cause. This event brought me huge satisfaction. I look forward to similar events from “I am Gurgaon”.