Gurgaon Interactive Public Arts

The Gurgaon Interactive Public Art Project (GIPA)

GIPA is a community public art initiative that initially covers the Wazirabad Bandh Eco-restoration and the Biodiversity Park, Gurgaon. The mission is to build a stronger identity and belonging in our city through the development of art projects. GIPA hopes to transform several locations and create an immersive and interactive experience that builds pride and a greater belonging, while showcasing the talent and creativity that exists within the community.
The themes include:
1. Sustainability: community, environment, waste, equality
2. Environment: climate change, reused and recycled materials
3. Cultural: identity, diversity, equality
We are inviting ideas and proposals for building art installations/ projects in identified spaces in Gurgaon, with the purpose of building awareness around sustainable cities while create a sense of belonging and pride in the millennium city.
The idea is to invite unique perspectives and brings varied skills together while creating a culture of collaboration and city building.

GIPA aims at bringing alive the stories of this intimate, humane restorative space in the heart of a concrete jungle. Art provides a unique opportunity to reclaim the magic of the natural world, reconnect with the inner self and sense of wonder we are born with.