Haryana launches Van Mahotsava to improve forest cover (HT, 26th July)

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  • It a bewildering ambivalence the Haryana government and the Gurgaon MCG record in their attitude to the green cover in haryana and the Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon. Citizens and organizers of the remarkable NGO, I am Gurgao, have done an excellent job of taking care of and rebuilding a qurried and litter filled area into a stunningly beautiful park for all residents of Gurgaon and its villages. The MCG now wants to take it away without committing any resources to it nor showing a shred of evidence on why such an action will help the park. The Forest Department should take the extra acreage along the road to Phase IV that joins the road to Faridabad and take teh help of I Am Gurgaon and the naturalists associated with it to convert an area where rubbish is dumped and carcasses of dead animals are tossed to make this contiguous and enlarge the area available for native green cover, and for walks and encouraging a love of nature among urbanites who are so alienated from it. This should not be land for development or commercial expansion; it should be a sacred forest and park, like the Biodiversity Park. The MCG cannot keep the city clean or keep a reliable electric or water supply going, or prevent crime–why are they now trying to meddle in an excellently run and privately financed park for the public? The MCG should prove it is capapble of ministering the departments that are essential to living in gurgaon–like utilities, roads, security, before they try to take on something they know nothing about.

    Veena Oldenburg

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