In conversation with Anjali Lal…

Anjali Lal, a high school student of the American Embassy School enjoys volunteering with service-based programs. She visited the Aravali Bio Diversity Park and met  Anil the Supervisor of the Aranya nursery and Zakir the local gardener to learn about their work. She shares her news and insights

Anil, the main supervisor of the Aranya nursery at the Bio Diversity Park has a keen interest in trees and plantation. He is proud to be a part of the drive to revive greenery that can be accessed and used by the local people of the Gurgaon and Delhi. Anil said that it takes up to 50 to 60 gardeners to keep the 450 acre piece of land well preserved.

However one of his biggest concerns, which he unfortunately cannot control, is the lack of water in the months May and June. The blazing heat during the summer time is not good for the plants that grow in the park and to offset the limited access to water, the park uses treated sewage water.

Anil mentioned that if there were one thing he could change about the park so that it becomes the “most” ativan mail order popular park in Gurgaon, he would try and plant more trees and have a larger variety of trees.

Anjali also spoke to the local gardener Zakir regarding his day and responsibilities. Zakir enjoys working every day of the week from 9 am till 6 pm at the park, especially when the weather is a little cooler during the day.

Unlike Anil however, he looks after only one nursery in which he grows seeds and places them in poly bags for them to grow fully. Zakir said that the best season for his seeds to grow is during the monsoon season because the seeds are exposed to copious amounts of rainwater as well as some slight amount of sunlight. Native species such as Salai and Kullu grow best in the soil.
In addition to his job, Zakir also looks out for various animals that live in the park. He mentioned that there are a lot of neelgai, jackals and even snakes that pop out of the bushes every once in a while but, thankfully are not a burden at all but rather a delightful benison from nature.