Inauguration of Eco-Restoration of Chakkarpur Wazirabad Bundh Project

The Gurgaon forest department and the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), together with a city-based NGO, have actually chosen to restore the Chakkarpur Bundh by developing a 5-km city forest along with it. This is part of the department’s plan to renew the city’s groundwater table.The 5 km long and 30 m large Chakkarpur Bundh is a natural groundwater recharge zone near DLF Phase I. It links two areas of the city– Chakkarpur and Wazirabad near Sector 56.

The Chakkarpur Wazirabad Bundh restoration project was inaugurated by Rao Narbir Singh, Haryana Forest and PWD Minister on 16th Jan 2016. Other important stakeholders were also present, M D Sinha, Forest Conservator of Gurgaon, the land belongs to the Haryana Forest Dept. Mr Sanjay Rishi of American Express, which will be funding the 1st and 2nd phase of the project which will cost 4.3 crore. Latika Thukral and Swanzal Kak Kapoor of iamgurgaon, the NGO which is collaborating with the Forest Department for the implementation of the project from Paras Hospital to sector 56.

According to MD Sinha, Forest Conservator of Gurgaon, this stretch had as numerous as 180 water sources. Nevertheless, due to steady urbanisation and construction, the sources have been encroached upon.

“There are 30 bundhs in the city dating from the colonial or post-Independence period. These were important ways to secure the area from floods as well as assisted in groundwater recharge. As the city grew around them, these structures started to become fragmented and were encroached upon. Most of them are located in the prime areas of the city which are now occupied by real estate. Hence, they are not serving the purpose for which they were developed,” stated Rao Narbir Singh.