Planting at the Bundh by COLT :21st July 2017



Team Colt

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As they do every year, this year too, 52 COLT employees came to the Wazirabad  bundh for the plantation activity.

Led by Rajeev and Sai, their enthusiasm and energy was commendable. They had pledged 1000 saplings and planted with expertise and fervour  from 9.30-12.30.

We would also like to congratulate them for ensuring that cheap xanax necklace they carried reusable bottles for water and snacks in paper bags. It is a pleasure to share their thoughtfulness and hope they will spread this message to many others.



The species planted by them were
1. Pahadi Papdi
2. Anjeer
3. Kala Indrajao
4. Dhak
5. Kala Sirus
6. Barna
7. Pehi
8. Madhur Jamun
9. Goolar
10. Securenega
11. Gangeti
12. Bistendu
13. Goya Khair
14. Chamrodh
15. Doodhi
16. Babool
17. Jamal
18. Kargenelia
19. Kuda
20. Goondi
21. Kankeru











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  • Kudos to Iamgurgaon team for their sustained initiatives to protect our environment

    Rajeev Gupta
  • congratulations. amazing work.

    Akash Jain

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