Badshahpur Forest Corridor

The Badshahpur Forest Corridor was a stretch used as a waste dumping ground and an open defecation area with a number of encroachments. With the support of the Haryana Forest Department and partnering corporates this corridor has been transformed into green corridor for the residents of Gurgaon. The transformation has also tackled the health hazards posed by this stretch.

The design of the 2km stretch is innovative and resource-conscious. It today is an ecologically rich community resource serving the citizens of Gurgaon.

In addition to this, iamgurgaon also revived the Badshahpur water recharge area. Within the corridor, encroached landfill sites have been modified to create shallow mounds, bio-swales, and water channels to enable rainwater percolation, facilitating 90% groundwater recharge.

Most of the construction materials used are from recycled materials that includes construction and demolition waste. This waste includes broken concrete blocks and bricks for edging, recycled fence frames for gabion walls, recycled plastic/ bottle seat walls, recycled rubber and reused play equipment, stone/concrete rubble paving, tile/ stone feature elements, glass gabions etc. are some of the materials used.

The design process was a dynamic one changing based on availability of waste material. The project has reused over 250 trucks of construction debris and waste so far, saving around 30% in terms of cost.


Creating a micro habitat for a green corridor

While across the city, rapid deforestation and tree felling has denuded the green cover, this project re-wilds the city, with a palette of plantation that is best suited to the land. Using the plants to define spaces and boundaries, buffer noise and views has created a micro habitat and oasis in the midst of the dense urban built fabric of Gurgaon.

The corridor is evolving and developing as a forest habitat for birds, animals and various other life forms, creating an ecologically balanced green corridor in the heart of the city.

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