Rajeev Gupta of COLT Technology Services shared his experience of Leaf Molding Activity at the Aravali Diversity Park on 25th November, 2016.

“Sincere gratitude for the on-the-ground coordination for the Leaf Molding activity. Joginder and rest of your team from Iamgurgaon had made all arrangements to enable the employees of COLT prepare one leaf mold of sufficient capacity to feed the future saplings in your nursery. The demonstration of the cylindrical cage easy-leaf-molding was superb and quite easy. We had the advantage of a few employees who had worked for leaf molding earlier too and this made the learning curve for rest of the employees very quick. There were sufficient gum-boots, gloves and masks that helped the employees work with dry leaves without any cuts or bruises. Weather gods also played cupid and helped to keep the enthusiasm in employees high at all times. Necessary water arrangements from your end for leaf molding, as well hands washing, was a boon. Your team constantly guided us to keep the shape of the leaf mold intact and this helped us immensely. The COLT employee feedback was very positive and people had inner satisfaction after a daylong work. After finishing the leaf mold, we also paid a visit to the nursery where the employees peeped into the future of the leaf mold. I must say that they were thoroughly impressed by way the whole nursery was organised and maintained. We finished our trip by having a bite of famous gurmaar.


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