Dry leaves (horticulture waste), a resource/nutrients which must be returned to our living soil is mostty either burnt ( releasing toxins in the air ) or sent as mixed waste to landfills.

These workshops were held to teach people how to easily manage their horticulture waste by segregating, collecting, direct use, mulching and composting – thus help revive our mother earth as individuals and communities

We all have been concerned about the smog in Gurgaon. The causes are well known to us –from vehicular pollution to waste burning. Did you know that leaves when burnt also release toxins and is extremely harmful for the lungs? One of the simple steps we can take to tackle this is to keep the leaves from being burnt.

It is a simple 3 step process

  1. Collect the leaves from the street & put in the leaf composters
  2. Add some water on top periodically
  3. Harvest the leaf buy ativan now mould and use as mulch in your gardens

Keshav Jaini, of Garden Estate, conducted these first 2 workshops at BDP on 27th Nov and 9th Dec 2016. Since then we haven’t looked back, a number of workshops were held at different Schools during the winter of 2016/17. Keshav has been instrumental in fitting the waste Segregation System in Garden Estate and has been associated with iamgurgaon for a very long time.

DLF partnered with us and sponsored 50 bins, which residents of DLF 1-5 could get for free, we needed residents concerned about the environment to take this on, as vigilance was required to take care that Bins have only dry leaf in them and don’t become dustbins.

Bins are very basic, but serve the purpose. After the initial 50 that were DLF sponsored, these are sold at a nominal cost of Rs 1250/- and are available at The Aravali Biodiversity Park.