Sentiss Revisited ABDP

Sentiss, a pharmaceutical company in Gurgaon, came as a 120-people strong team to do their share of planting on August 12, 2016. Two tractor trailer rides had managed to transport most visiting planters to the chosen site in Aravali Bio Diversity Park (ABDP). Their team lead confirmed their 6 continuous planting visits to the Park since 2011. They were organized in that they had brought their stock of water bottles, and were familiar with the undulated terrain during the tractor ride.

After a short demo on planting a sapling by the Park Supervisor, the visiting crew split into pairs and spread out in the assigned area. This patch was on the periphery of the Park, alongside DLF Phase III houses. I learned that a part of this area had been converted by the residents in the vicinity into an ornamental garden. Frangipani and Banana trees planted there were testimony to that exercise. Recently though MCG has secured the area by fencing it so the plant species native to the Aravali hills could be planted here, as elsewhere in ABDP. About 1000 saplings of Kaim, Bistendu, Gundi, Doodhi, Securinega and Pahari Papdi were placed next to pre-dug pits that saw enthusiastic Sentiss staff covering over 2 hours. They were aided by the Park maalis. The volunteers seemed to be of varying ages who would prompt each other to better the tally of saplings that each had planted. It was good to see a feeling of teamsmanship among the pairs. The rain Gods too appeared to bless the planting exercise as during the 2-hour period, it only drizzled slightly and the work continued through it.

I rounded up some staff for a group photo at the end that they were happy to be part of.


By Jyoti Bhargava who volunteered with planting at Aravali Bio Diversity Park on August 12, 2016.