Simon and Theo stop over at the Aravali Biodiversity Park during ‘Cycle for Water’ campaign

Simon Valdenaire and Theo Rohfritsch of the ‘Simon and Theo’ fame are cycling across 25,000 km of varied terrain in a bid to raise awareness about conserving water. For this huge endeavor they will cycle through 21 countries. Their current pitstop is India, and they visited the Aravali Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon yesterday. They indulged in some activities at the in house native species nursery, transplanting Dhau (Anogeissus pendula) saplings and watering them.

The Aravali Biodiversity Park, alongside its efforts to resurrect a city forest for the city of Gurgaon, also has water conservation as a core area of focus. The combination of a drip irrigation system covering half the Park and the use of STP water to water the saplings generic manufacturers of ativan currently results in saving 20 million liters of water a year. The estimate for the water replenishment capacity of the entire 350 acres of the Park stands at 3 crore litres annually. Sharing some pictures of Simon and Theo’s stopover at the Park –


The mean machine for the arduous journey



Watering the saplings at the nursery



Transplanting Dhau saplings



“Simon and Theo”



With Iamgurgaon team members Nidhi and Priti



Some camaraderie thrown into the mix