The Eco Bench Design Contest Winner

Prototype of the winning design

Prototype of the winning design

The iamgurgaon team is delighted to announce the results of the Eco-Bench Design Contest !

There was great excitement at the outset as 70 participants registered online,following which 18 entries were submitted at the first stage of the contest.

Judges KT, Savita and Pradeep went through rigorous discussions to select the 5 shortlisted designs based on the four criteria of sustainability, originality, ergonomics and viability :

1. Henri Fanthome
2. Saurabh Surayan
3. Horizon Design Studio
4. Enso Design Studio
5. Brick By Brick Design Studio

Four of the final shortlisted contestants (excluding Enso Design Studio) fabricated their benches at the Biodiversity Park with great enthusiasm in
just 9 days.

Aug 15th saw over a 1000 people visit the park,view the benches and cast their votes..Savita and Pradip viewed the prototypes as well to evaluate their viability and ‘fit’ with the broader ideology of the park.
Therefore,keeping in mind the aspect of visual appeal, sustainability and ‘fit’ the winner was chosen through a combination of onsite voting,online voting and the judges selection:

Winner – Architect Henri Fanthome.

He is Principal at Henri Fanthome Office for Architecture (HFOA), a New Delhi based practice. He trained at the SPA, Delhi from where he earned
an Undergraduate Degree in Architecture.

I thought it was a fake; I decided to try, and it started acting after 30 minutes! In case of insecurity, nervous tension, a change of partner, this is a surprisingly useful thing.

His work has a clear agenda for design that is environmentally conscious and sustainable, with a strong focus on contexts, materiality and
appropriate use of technologies.

Heartiest congratulations to our winner Henri Fanthome and to all other contestants for being a part of this Eco Bench Design Contest.