We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” – US President Barack Obama.

As our air gets dirtier, soil gets more contaminated and water becomes really undrinkable, we have to act NOW.

iamgurgaon is working hard to raise consciousness about the high pollution levels in Gurgaon’s air, soil and water. That being a starting point, we regularly conduct workshops to promote sustainable living, that is, reduce the burden of human existence on earth by minimising the use of resources while ensuring maximum recycling.

Our fortnightly workshops at Samaadhaan Hub (Sector 43, near Excelsior American School) focus on observing and learning how to make small, simple changes in our lives towards sustainable living. Our interactive workshops are designed to target a particular group or focus on one simple solution per workshop.

  •         Leaf Mulching: Our leaf mulching workshop helps participants manage the pre-summer horticulture waste, enrich the soil and stop leaf burning to lower air pollution. This workshop targets both the community-level audience as well as home-level volunteers.
  •         Know Your Waste: Given the enormous amount of waste we generate daily, it is essential to know how to identify, throw and recycle waste. Our waste segregation workshop demonstrates how to manage different categories of waste, with a special focus on e-waste, the most hazardous category of waste.
  •         Composting: Almost 60% of the waste we generate is organic/wet waste, which can be converted into compost to enrich the soil. Our composting workshop shows how to make compost using low-cost models, both at community and home levels. We also provide do-it-yourself (DIY) kits so you can create compost with least effort.
  •         Making Bio-Enzymes: If you are alarmed at an accelerating rate of chemicals and plastic contamination, you need bio-enzymes, the wonder chemical that helps get rid of chemicals and micro-plastics in our water. Our bio-enzymes workshop explains how easy it is to make bio-enzymes for your community and home.

IAG charges a token amount from the participants of the workshop. This amount partly helps us to procure the materials for use in the workshops, organise workshops, and provide you with a simple toolkit to help you start your journey towards sustainable living.