When the stars align (Article in the Indian Express on Gurgaon Utsav, 14th November)

Ayesha Singh, Indian Express, 14th November

There is something surreally beautiful about watching a performance, sitting in the silence of stark wilderness, under a web of gleaming stars twinkling back in appreciation. It’s as though the universe and its creations have found a common ground to connect in creativity of the arts. In this magical arena of enthralling entertainment, two women find the world’s solace. It’s here that they also come alive. Anjali Singh and Uma Prakash present Gurgaon Utsav, a festival that is taking place at the Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon, bringing you a showcase of artistes, deeply embedded in their individual artistic traditions. The outdoors only bejewel the majesty of the renditions.

A presentation by the Arts and Literature Foundation in partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon, the festival is in its fifth year. “It is curated with a theme each time. This time it is with young performers who seek inspiration from their traditional roots and experiment with today’s sound,” says Singh.

On from November 13 to 15, the opening night saw Mame Khan’s unique tonality. On the 14th, Hari and Sukhmani performed fusing traditional Punjabi folk music with electronica. The evening of November 15 (today) will see Sonam Kalra and her Sufi Gospel Project. “All the three artistes of this utsav are known for excellence in their respective genres. Each year a new set of talent takes stage, and that’s what we will be exhibiting,” says Prakash.