Where Does It Go, The Role We play

Waste is a huge problem! It poisons everything –  our air, our water and the soil. We buy, we use, we throw! How often do we think where does it go? What is our role in change? We send 220 trucks of garbage out every day and our landfill in Bhandwari is overflowing with 25,000 MT of waste! “Where does it go?” is an initiative by iamgurgaon with the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram, with the focus of building more awareness around the mounting problem of waste and how it impacts us. This time working together through the medium of art.


Art is an alternative but effective medium to create awareness and has the potential to change mind-sets. Well-known artist ARUN KUMAR HG has agreed to lead this with a team of twelve local artists. They will buy xanax paypal together build an immersive installation of waste over 10 days that essentially epitomizes a city made of waste at the Wazirabad Bundh. We hope the looming structure makes us ask the question the critical question- Are we creating cities of waste?

Over the last few weeks schools, RWAs and corporates have worked with us to collect recyclable, reusable waste to build greater awareness around the need to segregate while collecting the waste required for the installation.


Where does it go is a great example of a partnership between government, civil society and corporates to bring attention to an important problem. Boston Scientific is supporting the program and organisations like SAAF, ArtPilgrim, eco green, NAMO, saahas have come together to make the initiative a success. This installation launches GIPA a project we are very excited.

Gurgaon Interactive Public Arts